Monday, March 16, 2009

Lifestyle Design 101: Start Your Own Business Online

Start Your Own Business Online

Have you ever felt the need to break free? Just to be able to not go to work so you can do what you want to do? I did and I hated the feeling. I wanted to be free so I can experience other cultures, to travel the world, to see what most people will never see in their lifetimes. No restrictions nor limitations. This is called Lifestyle Design.

In order to break free from the fear of money that is holding you back, you need to have a business. Not just any ordinary business, you need to start your own online business. With this, you can automate your income so you can have more time to party somewhere in the world.

There are many ways to make money online

1. Use, and other E-commerce sites

You can sell on the internet using these big websites. They have enough traffic of people going to the site that your item is sure to be found! This is a great way to start online and understand how everything works. From payments, shipping and managing customers online.

2. Create Niche and Personal Blogs

Having a blog is one of the more versatile ways to earn money online. Check out Google’s Adsense program where they pay you when people click the advertisement on your site. You can also rent out your blog space to advertisers so they can pay you monthly and you can also put links to other products you recommend.

3. Private E-Commerce Sites, Direct Selling

This is pretty similar to number 1 but this is important because you are in control. You own the site and you get the full profit. You can start an online wholesale or retail store and sell to the world!

4. Affiliate Marketing

You sell products of other people. You entice your reader with a proposal or sales page then have them buy the item. With every sale you make, you get a commission!

5. Consulting and Other Services

People can offer software or their personal services. They can be paid per hour, per month or per session. This is also one of the more popular ways to earn money because you get to dictate your price especially once you are known as a "guru"

There are some other ways to make money online but I suggest starting out with these. Starting a business, be it offline or online, is always a hard task but persevere and you will be fine. Keep believing in yourself, fail as fast as possible to learn as fast as possible and keep on doing. Create your mobile business and start with lifestyle design.

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